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An essential range of fire extinguishers and stands. Choose from foam, water and C02 fire extinguishers. Also, fire blankets are available.

  • Fire Extinguisher ABC Dry Powder 2kg

    Stored pressure refillable extinguisher suitable for use in cars boats caravans garage and around the office and home
    Suitable for use on A B and C class fires containing solid materials flammable liquids and live electrical equipment

    £41.40 Excl. VAT
  • Firechief Fire Extinguisher Refillable Dry Powder for Class A and B and C 1Kg IVGS1.0KG

    Dry powder fire extinguisher
    Complete with mounting bracket
    Non-toxic and safe in confined spaces
    Versatile and suitable for most types of fire including:
    Class A (combustible materials wood paper etc)
    Class B (flammable liquid fires petrol paint oil etc)
    Class C (gaseous fires butane propane natural gas etc) and electrical fires up to 1000 volts
    Refillable and serviceable by any competent fire service engineer
    Manufactured and independently inspected to the new British and European Standard BSEN3: 1996

    £26.40 Excl. VAT
  • Fire Extinguisher AFFF Foam Refillable 6 Litre FSP6000/F

    AFFF foam supplied filled ready for use
    Discharges a jet of foam that forms an extinguishing film on the surface of the fire helping to prevent re-ignition
    Suitable on fires with paper wood straw textiles petrol oil and fat
    Not suitable for fires involving live electrical equipment
    6 litre

    £73.90 Excl. VAT
  • Fire Blanket Woven Glass Fibre 1100x1100mm IVGSFB1M

    Fire blankets are highly efficient in smothering fires in the earliest stages by immediately starving the fire of oxygen
    Tested approved and certified to the current British Standard BS EN 1869: 1997 and the European Standard EN 1869.
    Suitable for hazardous areas including kitchens
    Manufactured from woven glass fibre
    Can be mounted on a wall

    £25.10 Excl. VAT

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