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A great selection of semi desktop calculators. Bigger than a pocket calculator but not quite the size of a desktop, Fusion Office has the one for you!

  • Aurora Calculator Desktop Recycled 12 Digit EcoCalc ECO404

    The environmentally responsible desktop calculator
    Made from recycled plastic
    Packaging is 90% recycled
    ISO14001 WEEE and RoHS compliant
    Zero air miles travelled
    12 digit angled display
    3 Key memory
    Large display/large keys
    Solar powered
    WxDxH: 98x137x28mm

    £7.00 Excl. VAT
  • Casio Calculator Desktop 8 Digit White MX-8B-WE

    Extra large display
    Two-way power (Solar + Battery)
    Plastic Keys
    Regular percent

    £4.20 Excl. VAT
  • Aurora Calculator Semi-Desktop 8 Digit DB453B

    Large clear 8 digit display
    Large and durable plastic keys
    Extra large commonly used keys
    Tax function ideal for VAT
    Mark up for gross profit

    £7.00 Excl. VAT
  • Casio Calculator Desktop 10 Digit MS-10B

    Extra large display
    Two-way power (Solar + Battery)
    Key rollover
    Plastic Keys
    Tax & exchange function
    Profit margin percent
    Function command signs

    £7.10 Excl. VAT
  • Aurora Calculator Semi-Desktop 12 Digit DT398

    Large clear 12 digit display
    Durable front case made of metal
    Robust hard plastic keys
    Decimal and rounding selector
    Mark Up key – for Gross Profit

    £8.80 Excl. VAT
  • Casio Calculator Desktop 12 Digit MS-120BM

    Extra Large display – Larger display makes more data easier to read
    Two-way power (Solar + Battery) – Solar powered when light is sufficient battery powered when light is insufficient
    Key rollover – Key operations are stored in a buffer so nothing is lost even during high-speed input
    Plastic keys – Designed and engineered for easy operation
    Durable metal Faceplate – Tough cover stands up to rough treatment
    Cost/Sell/Margin – Calculate the cost selling price or margin of profit on an item given the other two values
    Tax calculation – Automatic calculation of price plus tax price less tax discount selling price tax amount discount amount and margin amount
    Profit margin percent – % key gives quick access to prices and profits and also delivers add-ons discounts ratios and increase/decrease values
    Function command signs – A symbol (+ – x ?) on the display indicates the status of operation you are currently performing
    Extra Large 12-Digit Display
    Performs percentage calculations including profit margins
    Performs Tax and profit calculations
    Brushed metal cover plate increases durability

    £10.10 Excl. VAT

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