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Our UHT Milk and Powdered Milk are perfect for making the perfect brew. Ideal of the busy office where fresh milk is not an option.

  • Dairy Pride Semi Skimmed Longlife Milk 1 Litre [Pack 12]

    Please note: Non-Returnable Product
    UHT longlife milk the perfect solution for the higher volume user
    Semi Skimmed Milk
    Ambient storage
    1 Litre Carton
    Packed 12
    Delicious and nutritious semi-skimmed milk
    Ideal for today’s busy health-conscious lifestyles
    Attractive and convenient resealable packs
    Production of long life milk kills the bacteria that can lead to poisoning
    Reduced need for refrigeration

    £14.90 No Tax
  • Soya Milk Jiggers 12g [Pack 80]

    Dairy free – Milk Substitute – Ideal for vegetarians vegans and the lactose intolerant
    Ready to use – Zero product wastage
    Multi-Functional – Ideal for offices Hotels Public Places Entertainment etc
    Functional Packaging – Full colour perforated display cartons
    Ambient Storage – no need for refrigeration

    £9.00 No Tax
  • Nestle Coffee-Mate Original 1kg

    Please note: Non-Returnable Product
    Smooth creamy-tasting coffee
    Dissolves instantly in hot water
    150 (approx) servings per tin
    Weight: 1kg

    £6.90 No Tax

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