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The Perfect Business Event

Attending a business event can be a great way to build your network and get in front of your community.

Whilst there can be a lot of planning to consider, business events can offer a wonderful platform for promoting your new products and services. Being organised is key to running a successful event; ensure you’re planning in advance and have all the details correct for the day. Once you’ve got the basics sorted it is time to consider how to grab the attention of attendees.

Create a strong branding game

You want your stand to be bold, eye-catching but on brand. Starting with a basic exhibition stand, you can build on this by adding branded flags, a pop-up counter and lighting so that your stand can be clearly seen. You can use the counter as focal point to speak to attendees or to host a business card draw.

Printed handouts

Not everyone will want to stop and chat, especially at big events. Make sure you have some printed literature to hand out. Business cards, leaflets or flyers are a cost effective and ideal way to get this information across.

Think carefully about the information you want to include on your leaflets – having one key focus and call to action will help make an impact.

Be social

Using your social media channels is a great way to promote where you are and what you are doing. Encourage attendees to follow your social media platforms, use LinkedIn to connect with people you’ve met and post live updates throughout the event to grab attention.

Follow up

Once the event is over, don’t forget to follow up with people you’ve met at the event. If anyone was interested in your products and services, don’t leave it too long to give them a call back!

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