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Sustainable futures with the Woodland Trust

Fusion Office are helping to raise funds and plant more trees through the Carbon Capture programme.

With the Woodland Trust as our chosen charity, we are helping to improve biodiversity and protect the habitat of native wildlife. The amount of CO2 emitted from the paper that we purchase for our customers is calculated as a seperate Carbon Capture charge. This charge then funds the Woodland Trust to mitigate the CO2 emissions by planting trees in certified Woodland Carbon sites.

Woodland Trust is Fusion Offices environmental charity


Around Andover, we have over 50 woodland sites to explore and enjoy. We’re proud to support the Woodland Trust and their quest to protect, restore and create woodland across the UK. This year we’ll be looking to get hands on by planting our own trees under their programme.

If you’d like to get more involved with helping to plant trees across the UK, check out

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