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Struggling to get creative? Spark your creative flow with our handy tips!

We’ve all been there: stuck in a creative rut. And the more pressure we put on ourselves — whether for work or hobby — the tougher it is to get those creative juices flowing. When your imagination gas tank is running on empty, don’t force the process. Instead, turn to one of these strategies to reignite your creativity.

Spend time in the kitchen

When you lack creative ideas for that marketing campaign, head to the kitchen. Cooking is both therapeutic and creative, allowing you to unwind while improvising, and unlocking the creative side of your brain. (Just don’t burn your house down).

Keep a notebook

Often, we expect creative ideas to present themselves the moment we sit down to work. But creativity isn’t a switch you can flick on at will. Instead, keep a notebook for when creative ideas strike. If you jot down ideas as they come to you, you’ll have pages of creative ideas that are just waiting to come alive. Struggling to sleep at night? Keep a pad by your bed, so you can pop down any ideas that come to mind when you’re trying to drift off. We’ve got a fantastic range of pads and paper to scribble on.


A clear mind is open to ideas. When we feel stressed, we zero in on small details and miss the big picture. You know the saying, can’t see the forest for the trees. So just take a deep breath in… and out. Having space to clear your mind will allow you to refocus on the task in hand.


get doodling

get doodling

It’s not just for kids. Remember when you used to have a favourite pen or pencil and you could spend hours just scribbling with it? Doodling unlocks the creative side of your brain through relaxed movement. Put pen to paper without the pressure of forming a thought, and feel the creativity come to you. Check out our range.

Get moving

Get your blood pumping, and your brain will thank you for the chemical reaction that triggers creative thought. We’re not suggesting you have to sign up to a spin class or run a marathon, even a 20 minute walk, away from your desk can do you wonders.

What’s your favourite way to shake a creative block?


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