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Staedtler 316 Lumocolor Pen Non-permanent Fine Assorted 316WP8 [Wallet 8]

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Universal pen for use on almost all surfaces
Suitable for overhead projection
Can be wiped off film using a damp cloth
Water-soluble ink
PP barrel and cap guarantee long service life
Airplane-safe – automatic pressure equalization prevents pen from leaking on board aircraft
Stand-up STAEDTLER box
Superb colour brilliancy

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Lumocolor guarantees professional and effective presentation on all overhead transparencies Not just an OHP pen – can be used on most other glossy surfaces Ventilated caps in accordance with ISO 11540 Refillable Barrel and cap made from Polypropylene for long service life and low environmental impact No toxic heavy metals such as cadmium or lead-based colouring agents are used for the colouring of plastic STAEDTLER does not use xylene and toluene as ink ingredients Environmentally friendly manufacturing process Reusable box phthalate-free material Fine 0.6mm Colours: Red blue green black orange brown yellow and purple Wallet of 8 “Green” Product relevant details: Less than 50% Recycled [F500194]
[Supplier Reference: 316WP8]

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Weight 0.113 kg
Dimensions 9.7 × 14.5 × 1.8 cm

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Staedtler 316 Lumocolor Pen Non-permanent Fine Assorted 316WP8 [Wallet 8]

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