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Harrogate Still Water 500ml [Pack 24]

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Harrogate Still Water 500ml [Pack 24]
Virtually absent of nitrates and nitrites
Bottled Still Spring Water
Size: 500ml
Pack of 24
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Harrogate Still Water Plastic Bottle 500ml Pack 24

Harrogate Still Water 500ml [Pack 24]

Firstly, Harrogate still spring water is well balanced and rich in good minerals, providing a versatile, refreshing water with a subtle, sweet flavour.

  • Virtually absent of nitrates and nitrites
  • 330ml bottles supplied in a case of 30
  • Ideal for providing refreshment in the workplace, especially in areas such as meeting rooms and conference centres

Famously known as the birthplace of ‘The English Spa’ and the home of British bottled water; Harrogate is a wonder of the natural world, boasting 88 mineral springs, all hydro-geologically unique. The source has been specifically chosen for its excellent water quality, stable mineral composition and purity.

The water is abstracted from an underground aquifer below the beautiful Harrogate Pinewoods. Drawing from the protected surrounding catchment area, comprising Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation and the Birk Crag Nature Reserve. The area comprises ancient oak woodlands and moorland, supporting a rich flora and fauna, including several rarities, the water is virtually absent of nitrates and nitrites, reflecting the quality of the ground and catchment area.

It takes 1,000 years for the water to filter through layers of rock until it reaches the level from which we abstract, some 50 metres below ground. During its journey the water becomes naturally enriched with minerals to create a refreshing, perfectly-balanced drink.

Manufactured by Harrogate Spa.

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Harrogate Still Water 500ml [Pack 24] | Virtually absent of nitrates and nitrites | Ideal for the workplace | Fusion Office UK

Harrogate Still Water 500ml [Pack 24]

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