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Bubble Wrap Film Small Bubble Roll 75cm wide 750mm x 75m

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Bubble Roll 75cm
Small Bubble Wrap 750mm
Small Bubbles of 10mm diameter and 5mm deep
100% recyclable
Shock-resistant and absorbent
Light and economical
Practical and easy to use thanks to its flexibility
750mm x 75m
2-3 Day Delivery

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Bubble Wrap Film Small Bubble Roll 75cm wide 750mm x 75m

Bubble Roll 75cm wide

Jiffy’s protective air bubble film is one of the most recognised, protective packaging products. Therefore, air bubble film offers an economical, effective solution. Perfect for void filling, interleaving, wrapping and air cushioning.

Although it may look like an ordinary material, Jiffy uses advanced technology which incorporates a layer of barrier film. Also, this process seals each air pocket, reducing air escape. Therefore, giving longer lasting protection and performance. Additionally, it’s suitable for both heavy and lightweight items for longer storage or journeys.

Firstly, bubble wrap is an air cushion film consisting of bubbles formed between polythene foils. Additionally, it is widely used to protect goods from shocks and impacts and to cover particular shapes of any product.

Secondly, flexible tear resistant plastic packaging with air-filled bubbles provides soft cushioning for tough protection. Primarily, against shock, vibration and water damage. Also, it’s manufactured using advanced technology, incorporating a layer of barrier film.

In conclusion, this bubble wrap film is perfect for protecting your items against damage.

100% recyclable
shock-resistant and absorbent
light and economical
practical and easy to use thanks to its flexibility
suitable for foodstuffs
chemically inert
air and watertight
mould and moisture resistant
coex-quality (AstroSupraBubble®)

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Bubble Wrap Film Small Bubble Roll 75cm wide 750mm x 75m | Fusion Office

Bubble Wrap Film Small Bubble Roll 75cm wide 750mm x 75m

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