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Friday the 13th!

Did you know that Paraskavedekatriaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia, is the name psychologists have given to the fear of Friday the 13th?


There is a method to the madness of Friday the 13th. Whenever a common year begins on a Thursday, the months of February, March, and November will have a Friday the 13th. This will happen 11 times in the 21st century.

The February-March-November pattern repeats in a 28-year cycle. In the 21st century, the cycle began in 2009. In 2015, 6 years later, Friday the 13th occurred in February, March, and November. This won’t happen for 11 more years until 2026 and we’ll have to wait again for 11 years until 2037 to see the February, March, and November trilogy.

For a month to have a Friday the 13th, the month must begin on a Sunday. Don’t believe? Check out your calendar to test it out. This year has two Friday the 13ths, today and October 13th.


In the 12 Friday the 13th movies 199 characters are killed off! WOW! (


In some Spanish-speaking countries, Tuesday (Martes) the 13th is considered bad luck. Tuesday is feared because it is the day of the week associated with the Roman god of war, Mars. There is a cautionary saying: “On Tuesdays, don’t get married, don’t take a trip and don’t leave your home.”

So maybe Friday the 13th is just a load of superstition and we all have nothing to worry about ?


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